The Woodlands Sustainable Landscape Design


With TIS Landscape Services and our The Woodlands sustainable landscape installation and design, you are able to harness the natural beauty of your property.

Our team specializes in innovative and sustainable services and solutions that provide a wide variety of benefits for the residential and commercial clients we work with.

With our The Woodlands sustainable landscape design, you can achieve:

  • Higher property values: Many people strive to maintain a nice looking lawn or property because it can actually help the value of their property. A well-kept property is a nice selling point for homeowners, but adding hardscapes, irrigation systems and other features will also bolster the value.
  • Nature preservation: With our sustainable landscape installation in The Woodlands TX, you will be working with nature, not against it. So often, home and commercial property owners incorporate solutions that are inefficient and they waste resources. TIS Landscape Services provides solutions that put your property on the path to long-lasting beauty.
  • Cost savings: One of the first things we tell our clients when we meet with them is that our The Woodlands sustainable landscape installation is an investment. These services and solutions will save you money in the long run, whether that be on maintenance expenses, your water bill, electric bill and more.


We would love to walk you through the many forms of The Woodlands sustainable landscape design that we offer. From highly efficient and sophisticated irrigation systems to hardscapes, soil treatment, turf management drainage and more — we provide an entire suite of services that better your property.


Talk to us bout sustainable landscape design in The Woodlands TX

We encourage you to talk to our experienced and knowledgeable staff. We’d love to show you what we offer and what we have done for previous clients. We can show you what our The Woodlands sustainable landscape installation and design can do for your property.