The Woodlands Lawn Meter Installation Maintenance


To save money on your water bill while you irrigate your lawn, contact TIS Landscape Services for our The Woodlands lawn meter installation. Our auditors can run through your irrigation system to find ways to reduce your consumption while still giving you a fresh, green lawn.

The neighbors will envy you and your wallet will stay nice and plump when you choose us for lawn meter installation in The Woodlands TX.

Reduce wasted water and save money

There’s nothing worse than losing money. With our The Woodlands lawn meter maintenance and installation, you are able to track the water you use outside. This is water that you should not be paying a sewer fee on, as the water goes into the ground.


With a dedicated meter, you are able to cut that sewer fee out and enjoy serious savings on your monthly water bills. TIS Landscape Services is a go-to resource for lawn meter repairs in The Woodlands TX. In fact, we handle all phases of the process:

  • Installation: Our trained professionals will install your dedicated meter with precision.
  • Maintenance: Just like other components of your irrigation system, you will need regular The Woodlands lawn meter maintenance.
  • Repairs: Our The Woodlands lawn meter maintenance can also address any disrepairs that might have formed in your system.


Superb lawn meter maintenance in The Woodlands TX

Let our EPA award-winning team come perform the necessary The Woodlands lawn meter work. With our The Woodlands lawn meter repairs and installation, we can lower your bill by up to 50 percent.


The Woodlands lawn meter installation done by TIS is the best way to track your irrigation water usage and to instantly save money on your water bill. To get us to work on your yard today, call us or shoot us an email. Choose TIS Landscape Services, where quality is not our goal — it’s our standard.