The Woodlands Irrigation Repairs Services


Trust the professionals at TIS Landscape Services for your The Woodlands irrigation installation, maintenance and other related services. Our team of trained and knowledgeable technicians brings decades of combined experience to the table, helping design solutions that best fit the needs of your property.

The TIS Landscape Services team handles all your irrigation needs — from our The Woodlands irrigation design to making sure that it continues to operate efficiently long after it has been installed.


What TIS Landscape Services offers you

When it comes to The Woodlands irrigation maintenance, installation and other service, we pride ourselves on working closely with the client. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to irrigation systems.


We are firm believers in quality over quantity, meaning that we have built our clientele one client at a time using our expert irrigation installation in The Woodlands TX. We take pride in the fact that we over-deliver on service and quality with every project.


The team at TIS Landscape Services will:

  • Design a system: No two properties are the same — why should your irrigation system be the same? We take into account all the needs of your property (soil, grass, sunlight, moisture, etc.) and work to provide superior irrigation design in The Woodlands TX.
  • Installation: Once we have designed the system, we will go to work installing it. This work is always executed by trained professionals. We have experience on our crews because we take pride in offering superior results with out The Woodlands irrigation installation, maintenance and more.
  • Maintenance: Our comprehensive irrigation maintenance in The Woodlands TX is one reason so many clients turn to our team. For the first year of operation for your system, our team will be a regular presence on your property to issue important maintenance, like adjusting nozzles and heads or calibrating the controller.


From our The Woodlands irrigation design to making sure that your system is running the way it should, we make sure our clients are left with an innovative, sustainable and highly-effective means of hydrating their turf, beds and more.


Consult with the team at TIS Landscape Services about our The Woodlands irrigation installation, design, maintenance and more. We are standing by to talk to you.