The Woodlands Irrigation Backflow Test Repairs Service


Address any problems with your irrigation system with professional The Woodlands irrigation repair service. We are TIS Landscape Services, and our experienced, knowledgeable staff specializes in all facets of irrigation — from our The Woodlands backflow test service to designing and installing systems.

The Woodlands backflow repair service is very important — shoddy or unqualified work puts the health of you and others at risk. With our backflow repair service in The Woodlands TX, you are able to test for backflow and make necessary repairs in case the backflow preventers have failed.


How often do I need backflow test service in The Woodlands TX?

It’s standard practice to schedule a backflow test about once a year. Some cities and municipalities mandate it. This is a necessary safety measure to ensure that outside water doesn’t flow back into your system’s potable water source, where it can contaminate drinking water.


Are there any signs of backflow to watch for?

This is why our The Woodlands backflow test service is so important — most people don’t even realize when their system is suffering from backflow. It is an invisible hazard that carries with it serious health risks.


We can remedy these issues with our The Woodlands irrigation repair service, which is administered by state-certified, highly experienced professionals.


Covering the maintenance and repair needs of your irrigation system

Our irrigation repair service in The Woodlands TX can address all the common problems associated with a system — leaky valves, broken heads, malfunctioning controller and more. In order to truly get the most out of your system, it’s important that experienced professionals administer the needed maintenance.


Talk to our team about our The Woodlands irrigation repair service and our crews will take a look at your system to make sure its operating at peak efficiency.