Spring Green Landscape Design Services


TIS Landscape Services is an award-winning Spring green landscape design company that has been in business since 2011. The serious draught in Texas that year showed us the important need for irrigation services to prevent lawns from going barren.

Irrigation might be the cornerstone to our Spring green landscape services, but today, we also offer a full suite of other innovative, sustainable landscape services.


Meet our diverse clientele

Homeowners aren’t the only people to take advantage of our Spring landscape design services. Instead, we work with a wide range of clients, working hard to meet their specific needs:

  • Homeowner’s Associations
  • Contractors
  • Landscape architects
  • Real estate developers
  • And more


Regardless of what category you fall in, our green landscape services in Spring TX can create a design based off of your needs and preferences.

Tap into our irrigation services

Irrigation is our bread and butter; it’s what started TIS in the beginning. Proper irrigation is the most important aspect of any green landscape design in Spring TX. After all, if the plants or turf can’t get adequate water, they won’t flourish.


On the flip side, your budget can’t hold up to outrageous utility bills caused by a Spring green landscape design project. That’s the reason we put conservation and sustainability as top priorities. Our landscape design services in Spring TX are designed to:

  • Save you money by reducing the amount of water you use and increasing the effectiveness of your irrigation.
  • Decrease the footprint on the environment while allowing for proper growth and nourishment.


Our Spring green landscape services focus on sustainability and providing you with solutions that will serve effectively for the many years to come.


When you decide to spruce up your home’s current landscaping, or to start it from scratch, contact TIS Landscape Services. Our Spring green landscape design experts are standing by to give you a free consultation.