Houston Turf Irrigation Maintenance Services


With Houston turf maintenance by TIS Landscape Services, our many residential and commercial clients are able to maintain lush, green turf all year round. With a knowledgeable, hard-working staff and commitment to sustainable solutions for your lawn and landscape, the team at TIS Landscape Services is prepared to provide the TLC that your turf needs.


About our Houston turf services

You don’t need a particularly green thumb to be able to spot a healthy turf versus an unkept, neglected plot of grass. With our turf maintenance in Houston TX, we are able to provide you with all the characteristics and necessities of a healthy turf, including:

  • Ideal soil: Treating your turf’s soil is paramount to establishing a healthy turf. This is the bridge between water/nutrients and your grass. With our turf services in Houston TX, you are able to supplement the soil with all the needed vitamins and minerals required to encourage healthy growth.
  • Free of weeds and pests: These are two primary hazards that can plague turf and make it look thin, sickly or dead. With our Houston turf maintenance, we offer highly effective and organic weed and pest control. This keeps harmful pesticides off your property and away from local water supplies.
  • Properly hydrated: Watering your lawn is a delicate dance. You don’t want to over or under water and you want to be able preserve water and adhere to local watering restrictions. You can do all that with our Houston turf irrigation. We specialize in turf irrigation in Houston TX and cover all your needs in this broad area.


Our Houston turf services have been utilized to transform residential and commercial properties all around the greater Houston area.


Our team of experienced turf technicians will come out and look at your lawn to see how we can make it even healthier in the long run. Contact TIS Landscape Services and put our Houston turf maintenance to work for you.