Houston Sustainable Landscape Design


Welcome to TIS Landscape Services, where we offer our long list of commercial and residential clients professional Houston sustainable landscape installation and design. Sustainable landscaping is somewhat of a foreign concept to many people still.

With Houston sustainable landscape design and installation, you are able to capture the beauty of your property by taking measures to sustain its natural form. In a day and age where a wide majority of land has been cut down or plowed over, you can preserve the beauty of nature with sustainable landscape installation in Houston TX.


TIS Landscape Services is one of the leaders in sustainable landscape design in Houston TX. Sustainable landscaping comes in many forms. Some of these practices and solutions include:

  • Utilizing flowers and plants that are native to the area and will therefore thrive in your landscape or on property.
  • Minimizing the water and electrical energy needed to maintain your property. This can include a sophisticated irrigation system and solar powered lighting — both of which we offer with our Houston sustainable landscape installation services.
  • Using environmentally conscious ways to eliminate weeds, pests and invasive species of plants without introducing chemicals into the environment.
  • Utilizing sustainable materials (i.e. reclaimed wood) when it comes to structural additions to your property or hardscape installation.


With our Houston sustainable landscape design, our team is simply harnessing the natural ability of your property to grow and thrive. This means that we don’t just make your lawn and landscape look good now, but this is a long-term investment that ensures that it will retain its beauty years down the road.


From Houston sustainable landscape installation to design, maintenance and repair services, TIS Landscape Services prides itself on going above and beyond the call of duty to provide innovative, effective solutions for your property. Consult with our team and let’s see what we can do for you.