Houston Landscape Light Irrigation Design Services


Here at TIS Landscape Services, we approach Houston landscape irrigation design — and the many other services that we offer — differently from the average lawn care or maintenance company.

When you work with TIS for your residential or commercial landscape needs, you will get close, personalized service from the men and women on our staff. These are individuals that specialize in Houston irrigation design services and cover the many other needs of your lawn or commercial property.


Addressing the unique needs of your property

With our landscape irrigation design in Houston TX, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all system. We custom design a Smart System to meet the specific needs of your lawn. This means taking into account a number of factors:


  • Soil type
  • Grass type
  • Size, shape and location of beds
  • General climate
  • And more


Our irrigation design services in Houston TX are meant to, not only provide your turf and beds with the proper hydration, but to do it in an appropriate fashion. That means taking measures to reduce water waste and consumption, thus lowering your water bill.


The men and women behind our Houston landscape irrigation design come equipped with decades of combined experience working with Smart Systems and designing an irrigation system that is efficient, sustainable and innovative.


We offer more than Houston irrigation design services

Our irrigation design, implementation and maintenance services are just a slice of the overall service that we offer our commercial and residential clients. For instance, our Houston landscape light design services can bring a certain dynamic to your property in addition to serving as a sufficient security measure.


Whether we’re focusing on our landscape light design services in Houston TX or the design or your irrigation system, we are dedicated to equipping your property with solutions that will benefit it for the long-term.


Thank you for considering TIS Landscape Services and our Houston landscape irrigation design. We look forward to working hard for you.