Houston Irrigation Design Installation Maintenance


Many irrigation systems can be a real water hog — but they don’t have to be thanks to TIS Landscape Services and our Houston irrigation installation, design and maintenance. Our team of helpful, experienced technicians can equip your property with an irrigation system that utilizes every drop of water efficiently to benefit both you and the environment.

Data from the Environmental Protection Agency suggests that, when it comes to irrigation systems for homes or commercial properties, roughly half of the water used is wasted. With our superior Houston irrigation design and installation, this doesn’t have to be the case.


Houston irrigation maintenance, design and installation that saves water

TIS Landscape Services utilizes what is called a Smart System. This is a sophisticated irrigation system that provides countless benefits to the residential and commercial clients that utilize it.


With a Smart System, we are able to provide irrigation installation in Houston TX that preserves water in a variety of ways:

  • Our irrigation design in Houston TX implements sprinklers that limit the speed of the water. That means the water won’t mist and be carried away by the wind.
  • We provide Houston irrigation installation that includes drip tubing for all beds. This ensures that the water does not have a chance to evaporate before it hits the soil of your beds.
  • Our Houston irrigation design is also intuitive. The Smart System doesn’t operate on a timer or primitive rain censors. Rather, sophisticated weather pods monitor all aspects of the climate and your property to determine when hydration is needed.


With regular irrigation maintenance in Houston TX for the first year of operation, you can trust that your system will perform efficiently and limit waste water while lowering your water bills.


Talk to us about our Houston irrigation installation and design. We would be happy to outline the many other benefits of bringing a Smart System to your property.