Bellaire Landscape Light Irrigation Design Services


If you are looking for superior Bellaire landscape irrigation design, then you have come to the right place. TIS Landscape Services specializes in designing, implementing and maintaining Smart System irrigation systems, which provides a seemingly endless number of benefits for you and your property.

With our Bellaire irrigation design services, you can trust that you aren’t getting a one-size-fits-all sprinkling system. That’s not what we do. We custom create systems that meet the needs of your property and look out for your wallet and the environment at the same time.


We invite you to investigate some of the many benefits that come with our landscape irrigation design in Bellaire TX.

  • Curb waste water: Poor irrigation design services in Bellaire TX can lead to a lot of wasted water. The design of an irrigation system can be the deciding factor in how efficient each drop of water is. Our Bellaire landscape irrigation design minimizes waste water.
  • Lower water bills: As a result, you won’t have to use as much water on your property, leading to reduced water bills. We also offer dedicated outdoor meter installations as a long-term investment so you don’t have to pay pricey sewer fees.
  • Reduce needed maintenance to your lawn and landscape: Our Bellaire irrigation design services are long-term solutions that will minimize the need for costly yearly maintenance. These are sustainable, innovative solutions.


TIS Landscape Services might specialize in irrigation, but we also offer many other important services. Is your property a little dark? We can provide Bellaire landscape light design services to brighten it up and add dimension and dynamic.


Our landscape light design services in Bellaire TX are similar to our irrigation services in the fact that we utilize sustainable, high-efficiency solutions to ease the burden on you and the environment.


See for yourself what we can do for you with our Bellaire landscape irrigation design, Contact TIS Landscape Services to set up a free consultation.