Bellaire Irrigation Repairs


An irrigation system is only as effective as the Bellaire irrigation repair company that maintains it. It’s not enough to simply install an underground sprinkler system and then let it do its thing.

You need to pair with a company for Bellaire irrigation repair services to make the necessary adjustments, maintenance and repairs to the system on a monthly or yearly basis. That is exactly what you get with the team at TIS Landscape Services.


We are a full-service Bellaire irrigation company that handles system design, installation, maintenance and repairs. Our team is comprised of irrigation technicians that combine for decades in the industry. Our irrigation repair company in Bellaire TX provides regular maintenance — in fact, our Smart System installations come with a one-year service contract.


Why regular maintenance is a must

If you have gone more than six months to a year without service from a Bellaire irrigation repair company, your system might not be running as efficiently as possible. Regular adjustments are needed because your lawn is a living, changing thing. That means:

  • Plants grow out and the lay of the land changes
  • You might add features like hardscapes and structures
  • Erosion can play a factor
  • Small leaks and disrepairs can set in to your system


With regular Bellaire irrigation repair services, you are able to address these changes and establish an irrigation system that is highly efficient, watering only areas that need it — when they need it.


Consult with our irrigation company in Bellaire TX

TIS Landscape Services prides itself on offering irrigation repair services in Bellaire TX that watch out for you and the environment. Our goal is to create a highly efficient system that minimizes wasted water and saves you on water bills.


Talk to the staff of our Bellaire irrigation repair company and let us know about your irrigation needs.