Bellaire Irrigation Backflow Test Repairs Service


Backflow testing is a very important part of any Bellaire irrigation repair service. Here at TIS Landscape Services, we know that this important test and subsequent repairs have a huge impact on your health and the health of everyone that lives in your home or residential buildings.

That’s why we offer affordable, highly-effective Bellaire backflow test service. This is administered by certified professionals who are incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in both Bellaire backflow repair service and irrigation systems in general.


Schedule regular backflow test service in Bellaire TX

Backflow testing is something you will want at least once a year. This Bellaire backflow test service might even be mandated by the city in order to protect the integrity of their water supply.


The technicians behind our Bellaire irrigation repair service will check the backflow preventers in your system to make sure that water is not flowing back into the potable water source and contaminating your drinking water.


If we spot disrepairs, we provide quick and effective backflow repair service in Bellaire TX.


Protecting the efficiency of your irrigation system

TIS Landscape Services offers irrigation repair service in Bellaire TX in addition to system design, installation and maintenance. These are very necessary services in order to get the most out of your irrigation system.


After a system is installed, a series of adjustments need to be made in order to dial it in and maximize its efficiency. Because your property is a living, changing entity, you’re always going to need to maintain and repair your system to ensure that it’s doing its job.


We offer all of this. Consult with our irrigation experts and tell us about the needs of your commercial or residential property. We would love to tell you more about our Bellaire irrigation repair service and more.