Bellaire Hardscape Irrigation Design Installation


Bring beauty, health and vibrancy to your lawn and landscape through TIS Landscape Services and our Bellaire hardscape and irrigation installation. Our trained, experienced professionals specialize in installing both irrigation systems and a wide range of hardscape features.

With our Bellaire hardscape and irrigation design, you are able to reap a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Stop erosion: Hardscapes are often utilized in areas where erosion naturally occurs. By installing this buffer in place, you don’t have to worry about this form of destruction to your property.
  • Increase property value: With our Bellaire hardscape and irrigation repairs, design and installation, you are able to bring value to your property — both in its enhanced curb appeal and healthy, sustainable dynamic.
  • Bolster usability of your property: Our Bellaire hardscape and irrigation installation makes your property more accessible and usable for both yourself and guests.
  • Reduce wasted water and decrease water bill: Our Bellaire hardscape and irrigation design is created to minimize water consumption, letting less of it go to waste.


Hardscapes are versatile in their style. You can establish any sort of décor vibe you would like with them. With our hardscape and irrigation installation in Bellaire TX, you can bring both of these valuable solutions to your property and trust that each is being overseen by experienced professionals.


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TIS Landscape Services prides itself on offering highly personalized, high-quality services for the residential and commercial clients we work with. We preach quality over quantity in that we work hard to bring unique and innovative solutions to your property to make it look great both now, and years down the road.


Make an investment in your property by talking to the team at TIS Landscape Services and learning more about our Bellaire hardscape and irrigation installation.